Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UV lights and ICK

So ever since i got rid of my powder blue tang i have had an out break with ICK. It started out only on my powder blue tang for a while but when I traded it out for 2 regal blue tangs the ICK covered those two along with some spots on my black and white clown fish. I have added vitamins and garlic extract into their food diet about a week ago but hasn't had any positive affect yet so o decided to get a UV sterilized in hopes that it will kill off one stage of the ICK there for eliminating ICK all together. I have already lost one blue regal tang as of this point and will keep posting on my progress with this problem of mine.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Completed Stand

I have finnished the stand I have been building and have attached a photo of the finnished product. I haven't worked on making a new canopy for the aquarium, but that will come very soon so dont mind the color differences. =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here is the progress I have made on the production of my aquarium stand for my 125 gallon salt water tank. The frame is completed, and the only thing left is to use plywood for the sides and cut out 3 quares in the front for doors.

New aquarium stand.

So today u have decided to build a new stand for my 125 gallon salt water aquarium. I don't have a lot of experience in wood building so i am taking this as a learning experience. The reason i want to build a new stand is because the one that i have sits very low to the ground making myself and other people have to Benson over when looking at it. I think by raising the tank just 1 foot will make the world a difference. I will post pictures and progress along with pics of the finished product.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Powder Blue Tang Trouble

I have recently had to get rid of my Powder Blue Tang. He looked great in my aquarium but he was becoming way to much of a problem, with the constant problem with ick on him then to his aggression. The Powder Blue Tang would attack anything that I put into the tank. About a week ago I put in a new FoxFace Rabbit Fish and for 2 days straight the Powder Blue wouldn’t leave him alone. Since the Foxface has poisons spines on him I wasn’t too worried. The Powder Blue eventually let off of him but then I added a Corral Beauty Angel Fish and the Powder Blue tore him up so bad I had to take him out so that he wouldn’t kill the Coral Beauty Angel Fish. I figured that I needed to bring him to a local fish store to trade him out because he just wouldn’t chill out. Even rearranging the rocks in the tank didn’t help.

Now I have two beautiful Regal Blue Tangs to replace the one Powder Blue Tang and I am happy with the decision. Check it out. =)

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