I changed out my crushed coral sand bed with a finer grade sand this past week. I changed out the sand bed for the benefits of the new sand and to alleviate the hassle of the crushed coral sand bed.

I like a deep sand bed and with a crushed coral sand bed its very loose and can't hold the proper bacteria used in a deep sand bed that breaks down the nitrites and nitrates in the aquarium. Because of this you need to shake up the crushed coral sand bed to sturr up the bacteria so that the filter can then pick it up and remove it from your tank.

Now there's many ways to replace your sand in your sand bed but there is a more prefered method which is.

 first remove all live rock fish and 90% of your water
i normally put them all into a bunch of 5 gallon buckets

then remove the sand bed that you dont want..

then add new sand bed and add the same water back in..

put live rock and run the filter/sump/pump again for a few hours before putting corals and fish back into the tank. this in my opinion is the best way to do a sand bed change. This time i made the change to my sand bed i didnt do all these steps due to lack of buckets and lack of time to complete this project so i was in a little rush and this pic shows how cloudy the water is. if you do the steps correctly then your water will clear up a lot easier than it will take me to get rid of this cloud.
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