Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LED's For Coral Reef Aquariums

  I have decided to switch my lighting on my reef tank to LED’s that I was able to find on the internet that were very reasonable in price compared to all the crazy expensive lighting that I have seen everywhere. These LEDs are replacing my 175 watt Metal Halides that I originally had.  

   These LEDs that I have now are brighter and stronger than my Metal Halides so I find that some of my slightly sensitive corals I had to put to the bottom of the tank so that they could adjust to the new brighter lighting. That wasn’t until I lost a few of my small polyps.

  This video is a little example of the difference between the new LEDs and the old 175 watt Metal Halides. then i will add pictures of some of the corals under the new LEDs so you can see some of the groth.


 These last two corals have been fragged and have really grown and healed up great since I put them under the new lighting.
Ignore the following....
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