Saturday, September 29, 2012

LED's and Fiji Reef Mud update

Random Updates:
  I have now completely replaced the lighting in the tank from the 175 watt metal halides to the new LED’s. All my corals have adapted well and now are fuller than ever before. In the Refugium I replaced the T5 to a 175 metal halide I had in the tank before.

Fiji Reef Mud:
 I recently tried out a product called Fiji Reef Mud to see if it would make a significant difference in the health of my corals. They have a starter kit that has about 12 lbs of the reef mud and they have a booster that has about 12 oz. since I didn’t feel that I needed 12 lbs of this product in my Refugium I decided to get 2 orders of the booster, and since there was a significant price difference between the two sizes I saved some money.

 I will be showing another new video of progress of my 125 gallon reef aquarium soon so be sure to check back soon…

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