Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all had an amazing Thanksgiving,
I have recently had to move my 125 gallon reef aquarium. Not a task I wish upon anyone. I used many many 5 gallon buckets that I bought from Lows for just a couple bucks each, but these buckets just weren't enough. There were more buckets than I had room. All the rock had to go into them, the fish, and corals, and even the sand. Mind you, a 5 gallon bucket full of wet sand is very heavy. But once it was moved I decided to go with a shallow sand bed instead of the deep sand bed that I had. This is partially due to not wanting to carry all of the sand from one place to another and partially due to wanting to reduce the nutrients that my aquarium continues to hold. The shallow sand bed helps so that more of the nutrients will be picked up by my filtration so that I can then remove it when I change out my filter foam, protein skimmer, and water changes.
Stay tuned, in the end of March I will be moving my entire 125 gallon reef tank 8 hours away. That time I will take plenty of pictures along the way for all to see how that progress went. 

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